Sell On The 1HubFashion Marketplace

Since the 1HubFashion Marketplace launched in November 2020 it’s supported hundreds of undiscovered brands and independent designers, giving them another home to sell streetwear, luxury, vintage fashion and access to 1HubFashion’s extensive global customer base of fashion-lovers. Today, the 1HubFashion platform is home to more than 300 brands and a mix of 700 products found by our team sourced from around the world. Want to join us and grow your brand on our platform? Read below.

The Basics

  • When you make a sale, you’ll pay 10% commission.
  • Your product images must be up to standard before you open your boutique. We accept modeled shots, flat lay shots, hangar shots, and professionally cut white backgrounds shots.
  • To begin selling on 1HubFashion you must be selling your own designs.
  • You will need a PayPal, Zelle, or Payoneer (International) account to launch
  • You can start with as little as 1 item, although listing more gives you better visibility on site
  • You should try to offer international shipping as our platform has a global audience
  • We require a high standard of customer service. You will need to manage customer service in order to maintain a high level of customer feedback

The Benefits

  • Sell to 1HubFashion’s extensive global audience of fashion lovers
  • Created content to help with sales.
  • A tag for your brand
  • Opportunities for editorial coverage across our website, social media channels, newsletters and 1HubFashion’s platforms
  • Celebrity exposure

R E A D Before You Submit

  • Add email & IG handle to description.
  • If you’re a NEW brand add YOUR brand name to description. & put “1HG” as the tag.
  • If your size count is anything OTHER than Small – Extra – Large please mention it in the description.


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